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The aim of the special session is to provide an opportunity for researchers to share and review recent advances in the emerging topics of machine learning, big data, network intelligence, computational intelligence, deep learning, signal processing and their applications in real-world. The special session aims to solicit original papers on new findings and applications from researchers, academicians and practitioners from industries.  


Proposals to organize Special Session in MISP 2021 are strongly encouraged. Special Sessions must be related to the Conference theme or especially hot topics within the Conference scope. All submitted papers undergo the same review process, and submission to proposed session is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Please e-mail your proposal to General Chair: Dr. Deepak Gupta (E-mail: After the acceptance of a proposal, please start to invite your colleagues to join your special session and encourage your colleagues to show their best efforts to join this conference.

We deeply appreciate your initiative in your research field and encouragement to your colleagues. If you have any query about creating special sessions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Special Session Proposal Form (Click here)  

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